Flex 2 multi-purpose art and mapping editor for the Sega Megadrive
kSim 2 rubiks cube simulator (v1)
cakeybar customizable statusbar for window managers
golfbin transpiling pastebin
mail throwaway email service
tetris tetris over telnet
snake-rs snake clone for GTK & web browsers
nibblr.pw IRC bot frontend
proxy basic webproxy
quine3 HTML Quine
circle-quine Rust Quine
webgl-fractals fast pythagoras tree visualisation
ascii-fractals same as above but with more ASCII
sonic code golf pixel art
pathTweak svg path editor
2LL last layer compound solver
editable pimcore editable editor
8bvDIY-WASMeLiquid mixing calculator (android)
blag stupid blog proof of concept